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How can I become a resale partner?

Please register as a New Reseller submitting your contact information (name, e-mail, phone, etc.), games and quantity you are planning to order in a one-time or a monthly basis, brief description of your business or cooperation proposal.

Which manufacturers and/or publishers are you working with?

PlaySmarty works with almost all major video game publishers as direct distributing partners or through the system of first-line distributors worldwide. Thus, we have for sale US, European and other local version of different games.

Are there any quantity limitations under a single order?

Minimum one time purchase requirement is 20 units or 500 USD. In case you'd like to purchase different items please stick to the round numbers.

How can I get a price list and place an order?

First you have to be set up as a new customer. Please fill up the form on this page and wait for the response of the sales person who will assist you with the pricing and ordering.

How do you deliver game authentication keys?

Authentication keys for some games are originally emitted by game publisher in digital form. For the other games both digital delivery and shipping of the original game boxes using trusted shipping service (UPS, FedEx and etc.) are available.

How can I pay for the order: through Paypal or another method?

The preferable payment method is bank wire transfer. Paypal payments are also acceptable under special circumstances, contact your sale manager for details. All the transfer fees are to be paid by the Sender.

How can I receive my cards and what is the expected delivery time to get them?

Generally we deliver scanned copies of the registration codes via email, but can deliver original game boxes as well, postage price and delivery time depends on the carrier. Generally we provide our customers with same day delivery on all the items.

If items are not available and we expect extended delivery time you will be informed right away.

Is it possible to receive the cards first and send the payment later?

All the business relationships we have with the large number of resellers are based on principle of CIA, Cash in Advance.

That means that the order can be delivered only after payment received and cleared on our account.

Is the VAT or other sale taxes included in your prices?

All the wholesale prices are VAT exempted. The responsibility for tax collecting and payment is beared by your side in accordance with the country legislation.

If I make a purchase will I get an invoice?

Once your Purchase Order is processed and the payment is cleared on our account the invoice for the order will be provided.

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